Saturday, December 09, 2017

"The Mystery of Michael Flynn" on CNN

On Friday, Dec, 9, CNN aired “The Mystery of Michael Flynn” (one hour, 10 PM, EST)  CNN’s own best link seems to be this article by Manu Ranju and Jeremy Herb, about discrepancies between testimony of Flynn’s aide and court documents. Or try-catch this story about ripping up Russia sanctions, by Ramju and Polantz.

CNN, unlike PBS Frontline, often does not provide specific url’s to track its special reports. 

Flynn  was the U.S.'s s 25th National Security Advisor.

The report went back to the time when Flynn contradicted Obama on Obama’s cheery progress on getting out of not only Iraq (a vacuum leading to ISIS) and eventually Afghanistan.


Then it covers Flynn’s speech at the GOP convention in 2016 (“lock her up”) and the events that led to Flynn’s firing early after Trump’s inauguration.  Flynn attracted attention in the first days when Steve Bannon was invited to be on the security team. 
Trump's erratic national security "leadership" may have proved tempting to Kim Jong Un. 

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