Friday, January 26, 2018

ABC 20-20: Sister Survivors: The Larry Nassar case

ABC 20-20 on Friday night presented “Sister Survivors” of sports doctor Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse for 20 years of female athletes, link
The episode covered the seven days of victims’ statements and the duplicitous “apology” by Nassar (“a woman scored”). The Michigan judge signed his death warrant.

My own reaction is to wonder how he got away with this for twenty years.  A few women tried to speak up and were put down. No one would challenge the power structure, until someone did.

Nassar, 54, got 175 years in prison, on top of 60 years for child pornography.

At any time during those 20 years, someone could have called the police.  Did that occur to him?
Nassar even had peer-reviewed papers published on doing physical examinations.

One victim said she didn't want to testify because she didn't want to be remembered as a victim, but rushed to the airport at the last minute to get to the trial. 
This (heterosexual) case is even more grotesque than Larry Sandusky’s at Penn State. 

The judge has been criticized for suggesting that Nassar will experience in prison what he dished out (LA Times).  Monica Davey and Mitch Smith write in the NY Times, front page Sunday, about how Michigan State had conducted its internal review. Rachel Denhollander gives her own account on p. 2, NYTimes Sunday Review, "The Price of Raising and Army", here.  The Washington Post writes how Denhollander suddenly broke open the case after seeing a story in the Indianapolis Star in August 2016, and there had been 13 other chances. (Why a paper in another state?)

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