Sunday, January 28, 2018

Anthony Bourdain visits Puerto Rico (before Hurricane Maria), then Cuba

On Sunday night, January 28, 2018, I did catch up with Anthony Bourdain’s coverage of two more places: Puerto Rico, and Cuba (link ).
The Puerto Rico episode was shot a few weeks before Hurricane Maria.  It talked about the Ponzi scheme of bond holders, who can take all the public employee’s pension deductions and keep them to pay back debt. Furthermore the bond holders can dictate severe cutbacks in spending and public services. No question this added to the death toll an crippling inability of the territory to restore its power grid efficiently after the storm.

The hurricane could also provide a warning of what could happen in other parts of the US were there ever to be an EMP attack.

Boudain had a lobster and conch meal with one family and then visited a former Naval test range.

The Cuba segment talked about the waning of Communism.  As people start businesses and hotels or cruise ships begin to imagine coming, occasionally you see homeless in the streets.  That would never have been allowed during Castro.
The episode started with John Kennedy opening his first speech on the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

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San Juan

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