Sunday, January 21, 2018

CNN: "Trump's First Year"

CNN has been particularly preoccupied with the US government shutdown that started at 12:01 AM Saturday January 20, 2018.  

So CNN postponed its airing of its special 90-minute documentary “Trump’s First Year” (Freshman Tear?) until Sunday night (tonight). Here’s the best link so far.  No, “it is not safe”.

In the first hour, the documentary covered especially Trump’s retreat from environmentalism, and it had some graphic scenes of mountaintop removal in southern West Virginia.

The second hour got into all the firings (like Comey’s) and then talked about North Korea, with the exchange of insults with Kim Jong Un.

There is also a lot of coverage of Steve Bannon.

Most of all is Trump’s belief in tribalism, that the world is top-down and that you take care of your own first by expropriating or bargaining away the lives of other people. 

The government shutdown seems to have spoiled Trump's presidency's birthday party at Mar a Lago. But I wasn't invited anyway. 

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