Saturday, January 13, 2018

"Inside the Rule of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un"

On Friday, Jan 12, ABC 20-20 ran “Inside the  Rule of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un”, 

The broadcast presented the two younger half-brothers, and gave the history of how they both “disgraced” the family with their contacts with the west.

Kim Jong Un is presented as growing up and being educated in Switzerland as a spoiled child, eventually groomed to rule by default,  even though technically he was a family “bastard”.  The broadcast called this a "Game of Thrones". 

After he came into favor as the next leader, the put on weight to emulate his grandfather, inviting fat-shaming from conservatives in the west.  Even that could have contributed to the Sony Pictures hack at the end of 2014 of the movie “The Interview” (Movies, Dec 27, 2014).  Theaters at first feared terror attacks if they showed it but soon relented.

The documentary also showed the execution by artillery obliteration of two members of his own staff for disloyalty, one of them for sleeping in a meeting.

The broadcast shows the assassination of Kim Jong Nam with VX in an airport in Malaysia.  His is reported to have the antidote with him at all times.

All this bodes poorly for Kim Jong Un’s predictability once he has nuclear weapons.

But the episode covered Un's fascination with basketball, where he can shoot well even though he is only 5 ft 5 in.  It covered Dennis Rodman's visit. 
Wikipedia attribution link of statues of Kim family, by de Roo, CCSA 3.0. 

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