Monday, January 15, 2018

Shaun plays hooky, goes on a road trip and finds love on "The Good Doctor"

The second half of “The Good Doctor” on ABC is less convincing. It is a two-part subseries called “Islands” (link )

Shaun plays hooky, which I don’t think he could get away with; but he finds romance and love with a girl who gets him out of his shell on a road trip to the wine country, even to drive a car.  He gets drunk and even pukes, and then they shack up in a motel.

Shaun gets a lecture that a "road trip" is not a personal emergency.  You don't get to whine if you don't have the opportunity for a walk-off win and have to hold a lead in the bottom of the Ninth. 
Then in Part 2, he gives notice that he will leave and follow her to Pennsylvania and get another job.

In the meantime, the hospital separates two twins joined at the head.  Then one of them needs to die to provide a heart transplant so the other one can live.

It looks like Shaun will stay and his becoming less autistic because of his relationship. I bet they have a child before the series ends. 

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