Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"The Good Doctor": "Seven Reasons": Shaun thinks he detects a terrorist plot

Monday night, January 22, “The Good Doctor” Episode “Seven Reasons” depicted Shaun as becoming more assertive  ABC link is here

A female patient with a Muslim background is brought into the hospital with hand and forearm burns. Shaun assures her that it should heal without much scarring. But then she has breathing and heart problems.  Her windpipe has a puncture, and at one point Shaun wants to report the other doctor for a mistake. But then Shaun becomes suspicious that her injuries and symptoms come from handling dimethyl sulfate with her boyfriend, and suspects she was making a bomb.  In one scene near the end he says calmly “You are a terrorist”.

Shaun no longer strikes me as disabled. He takes care of himself physically just fine. He is simply different.  His communications and motives are crystal clear, precise, and follow their own internal logic.  He is like a kind of Clark Kent, almost a gentle extraterrestrial alien who can save everybody but whose personhood is partly non-human at an emotional level.  But would an alien have mastered human physiology?  Only if panspermia had happened.  He is different from “normal” people in the way a cat differs from a dog; but his adaptation to his world makes perfect sense.

That matriarchal cat from the Wyoming home in the Pilot must dearly miss him and out to be brought into the storyline.  How would Shaun relate to animals?  He would like cats much more than dogs. 
Does HFA (high functioning autism) really work this way?  This isn’t quite the same of Asperger’s but seems similar.  Does the HFA person simply follow his own internal logic to  adapt and “survive”?  That’s how evolution works.  In the animal world, lions and tigers (who can interbreed) vary enormously in sociability because of different adaptations to their environments.  People can vary the same way. Maybe in a future world a Shaun would fit in much more readily than today. 

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