Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Milo Show

OK. Here we go, with “The Milo Show”, on Facebook Live. 
I don’t think Milon Yiannopoulos has his own cable channel yet, but he wants to pretend he does. He’s even charging a small subscription paywall starting in late January  2018.

Here is his spiel on “Fat Studies”.  He speaks for himself; I need not summarized further. 
Milo seems to be broadcasting the series from Miami, which I just visited in November for the Miami Book Fair (also Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manor).  Our content is similar, although I am less “sensationalist” in how I say certain things.  Maybe I’ll see Miami again.  Another trip to Paradise, another visit to Hunter’s in Wilton Manor?  (In gay discos, most men are cis and thin, up to Milo's specs.)  I’d probably make a good subject for Milo to interview with my three “Do Ask, Do Tell” books. 
Oh, it’s only about 70 miles to Mar a Lago, if I can get invited there.

Try this Times article, which seems to belong.

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