Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Van Jones Show on CNN

CNN premiered “The Van Jones Show” Saturday night at 7 PM EST.   There was a lot of talk at the outset of Donald Trump as a “virus” who evolved from an atmosphere of tribalism, and individualism that was leaving too many people out of the game.  Then Jones called the year one “A Tale of TwoPresidencies”. 
He spent a lot of time interviewing sports agent Jay-Z, before presenting the most interesting segment of the hour. Van drives through Charlottesville, around Lee Park, with one American-American woman and two conservative white men, one of them young.

The black woman insisted that the statues had been put up to keep blacks in their place (maybe they had, a century ago). But the white men talked about the specific architect who had put up the Lee statue and denied the idea.  Both felt that conservatives had become way too partisan and tribal and forgotten how to solve real people’s problems.  

Trump tweeted about this show Sunday morning, link.  

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