Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Trump's SOTU (that's not tofu)

Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech ran 80 minutes, like a short feature film, and started about 20 minutes late, and was carried live on everything Tuesday January 30.

One of the biggest concerns came with the North Korea portion, which I covered on the International Issues blog Jan. 30.

The pace of the speech was slow, but the tone appeared to be conciliatory, without the reality TV behavior of the campaign.

One of his most controversial claims was that “we are all dreamers”.

He also seemed to suggest a false analogy (statistically) between ME-13 and dreamers.

The claim about chain migration has little real significance. Distant relatives cannot get green cards now, and the process for all but immediate family is very slow and takes years.

Joe Kennedy’s Democratic response seemed inclusive, but some of the empathy was overdone. At one point, he seemed to put transgender people in the same boat as opioid addicts, probably not intending to.  HRC tweeted it. 

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