Friday, January 05, 2018

"Waco: Truth and Lies" from ABC News

Thursday, January 4, ABC News aired its 2-hour documentary “Waco: Truth and Lies”, which recalls the period from 1993, from late February until April 19, when the FBI had a standoff with David Koresh and his Branch Davidians religious cult.  Here’s the best link

The compound was about ten miles NE of Waco, Texas. 

The documentary mentions the recency of the first World Trade Center attack.

All this occurred early in the first term of Bill Clinton with Janet Reno as attorney general.
I remember visiting the area with a friend on a trip to Texas in late March, 1993.  We watched the standoff from a rented car parked on an overpass.

I also remember the day of the fire.  I was driving back to work from lunch and entering the parking lot with Pat Buchanan on a talk show, who saw the first fires break out.

The special had many interviews with survivors, who were indeed “true believers” in the “faith”.  Many saw this as a warning about fascistic national government. 

Libertarian parties would make a lot of the Waco incident in the years to follow.  A number of documentary films were made.  These include “Waco: Rules of Engagement” (1997), "Ambush at Waco" (1993), "Assault on Waco" (2006); "Children of Waco" (2007)

Picture: My 2005 visit.  I expect a major trip in Texas by this spring.  

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