Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CNN holds Town Hall of Stoneman Douglas students

CNN is hosting the Town Hall in Sunrise, Florida with students and parents from Parkland Hospital, at 9 PM.   Jake Tapper moderated and Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio were there.  Florida governor Rick Scott was not present.

Senator Marco Rubio was present and made sense.  He said that a Clinton-style assault weapons ban by itself will not work because if you take off the plastic gunstock the weapon is legal. Almost any rifle can be made into a an assault weapon, so it is difficult to pass a law that respects the 2nd Amendment and doesn’t have holes.  

Later, Rubio said he would consider regulations on clip size on a question from a senior joining the Army at graduation.

Student Cameron Kasky asked Rubio if he would not accept a donation from the NRA.

A teacher asked about arming teachers (which Trump said today he supports), and Rubio said that it is a bad idea because swat teams cannot tell who is armed.

Rubio also tried to explain how influence groups like the NRA work.

Trump heard an emotional appeal today in the White House from parents of victims, here is a CPAN tweet link
A Facebook friend who fought the military gay ban wrote a Facebook post explaining how military personnel must register their personnel weapons, here.
An AP history teacher asked the NRA representative to explain “well regulated militia”.  Her answer was that it is every lawfully qualified adult citizen (as in the DC case in the Supreme Court), different from what Justice Berger had said.
CNN reported on student protests all around the country, which school systems said were illegal. 

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