Monday, February 05, 2018

Justin Timberlake returns to his glory days at the half-time show at the Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles pulled a 41-33 upset in the NFL Super Bowl Sunday night at the new US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, with two controversial touchdown catches, broadcast on NBC.  But Justin Timberlake, now 37, stole the show with his halftime show where he seemed to go through a “white tunnel” to get to the stage.

Timberlake had performed in 2004 when he encountered Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction”.
Timberlake had been the centerpiece of the boy band ‘Nsync, which had performed in the old Metrodome, ironically, on Pride Sunday June 24, 2001). In those days, Timberlake, at 20, looked rather like a stud.  But in time he waxed and tattooed his bod (as has Jake Gyllenhaal) for quirky roles like “Alpha Dog” and “Southland Tales”.

Last night, he wore a camouflage shirt that looked like a tattoo. 

He sung "I would die for you" with an image of Prince on stage. when downtown Minneapolis lit up in purple (GIF) . 
Here’s AOL’s account.  EON notes the accidental introduction of tween Ryan McKenna, who looks mature for his age.  Is “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from Flashdance

I acted as an extra in "Major League 3" at the Metrodome in Nov. 1997, holding my book in the stands for 1/4 second.  

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