Wednesday, February 07, 2018

One America News and cable television; Would OANN take up covering the EMP issue that major networks seem to be sleeping on?

On February 10, 2015 I attended a “Your Voice Your Future” forum at WJLA (owned by Sinclair) in the station’s Rosslyn, Arlington VA auditorium, with a topic about free speech being threatened by terrorists (cf blog, that date).  On that evening I met Trey Yingst (now about 24), at the time was a student at American University and had helped found “News2Share”.  He had been “arrested” covering the riots in Ferguson.  He would soon cover the riots in Baltimore in 205. In time, he would join One America News and become the White HouseCorrespondent, typical story on Poynter here.       

He often does get called on by Sarah Sanders (and was often able to get two or three questions a session out of Sean Spicer, whatever fun was made of Sean later on SNL).  But all of this makes me look into who One America News Network, in San Diego, is.

First, my own impression from looking at the content is that it is not necessarily more conservative than Fox, and it is no “Breitbart” and no “Milo’s Dangerous”.  There’s no flame throwing at individual people. But the video says it is “just the facts, no opinions, no editorials”. 
I note that the network says it is available 21 hours a day on Direct TV outlets, but it seems unable to get a foothold with large cable telecom providers, including Comcast and Cox.   The Direct TV appears to have two special shows:  The Daily Ledger” and “Tipping Point” (which do sound like they would be commentary shows) as well as news feeds.  

I went ahead and contacted Cox on Twitter by message and got an answer to the effect that they would consider adding it.  CoxHelp actually started following me on Twitter (including all my own provocative news link tweets, including about Trump).   But nothing has happened yet with OANN on Cox.

I have become interested in encouraging a network to follow particularly the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) risk on the continental US in detail.  As I’ve noted on my Wordpress blogs, the conservative media outlets cover this issue much more often than the “mainstream” or other major networks.  I do think a major fact-finding project on this matter is important to do.  That is, get all the military information, and all the science and engineering information from reputable sources and present it to the public. My own gumshoeing about this since about 2013 (including materials from Oak Ridge from a trip there and National Academy of Sciences) suggests that this is a real threat, and not a right wing “fake news” fantasy fed by the Russians.   It’s important to note that there are several different kinds of threats (E1 to E3) that can come from different kinds of events (including extreme solar storms, and we may have dodge a huge solar flare and CME in July 2012).  And the networks have waffled on giving serious attention to whether North Korea could pose this kind of a threat even now (without reaching the US with ground blasts from ICBM’s), as from satellites, if the US keeps tightening the noose (starting right after the Winter Olympics).  

One problem, though, is that if you presented the facts, you’d have to get scientists and policy people to interpret the facts, which means commentary and opinion, which OANN’s own video says it wants to avoid.   But you do need the facts first, which the major networks seem to be sleeping on .  I make the challenge. I have accumulated a lot on this problem myself.

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