Saturday, February 03, 2018

"Slender Man: Out of the Woods" on ABC 20-20

ABC 20-20 offered an hour long documentary on the “Slender Man: Out of the Woods” case in Wisconsin in 2014, best link.'

The documentary summarized the events in the stabbing of a pre-teen girl in Waukesha WI in May 2014 by two twelve-year old female friends who thought they were pleasing a comic book character popular on the Internet, Slender Man, which will soon be a film from Screen Gems.

The victim was found by a cyclist and miraculously survived.

What is surprising is that both girls were found to have mental disease, one of them schizophrenia. 
  Both are now sentenced to decades in a mental hospital, after being tried as adults.

Schizophrenia at his age is unusual;  it usually appears in young adulthood.

The narrative also reminds us that some unstable minors are indeed harmed by what they find on the Internet --- this goes back to the COPA case. 

Here's a somewhat related case: near Pittsburgh, teen girls are charged with intentionally exposing a student whom they knew was allergic to pineapple (I've never heard of that) to the fruit.

Update:  Oct. 26, 2019

ABC 2020 aired an updated two-hour special called "The Wicked". 

The facts on Wikipedia are here.   Part of the episode is here, interviewing the perpetrators.
The disturbing part of this is that two 12-year-old girls believed in the Internet character literally.  Later, one of them was determined to be schizophrenic, and able to influence the other girl.
But the other question is whether some minors are unusually susceptible to violence or fantasy (as with Creepypasta), just as was a concern with television when I was growing up in the 50s.  I remember a Saturday morning show called “Movies for Kids” which featured a film called “The Clutching Hand” when I was impressionable.

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