Saturday, February 03, 2018

"Slender Man: Out of the Woods" on ABC 20-20

ABC 20-20 offered an hour long documentary on the “Slender Man: Out of the Woods” case in Wisconsin in 2014, best link.'

The documentary summarized the events in the stabbing of a pre-teen girl in Waukesha WI in May 2014 by two twelve-year old female friends who thought they were pleasing a comic book character popular on the Internet, Slender Man, which will soon be a film from Screen Gems.

The victim was found by a cyclist and miraculously survived.

What is surprising is that both girls were found to have mental disease, one of them schizophrenia. 
  Both are now sentenced to decades in a mental hospital, after being tried as adults.

Schizophrenia at his age is unusual;  it usually appears in young adulthood.

The narrative also reminds us that some unstable minors are indeed harmed by what they find on the Internet --- this goes back to the COPA case. 

Here's a somewhat related case: near Pittsburgh, teen girls are charged with intentionally exposing a student whom they knew was allergic to pineapple (I've never heard of that) to the fruit 

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