Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"For the People" offers novel legal cases in NYC

I took a look at ABC’s “For the People” , created by Paul William Davies.  Tonight’s episode was called “Rahowa”. 
On the “Mother Court” in the southern District of New York (federal), controversial cases are assigned to prosecutors and public defenders.
In one case, a young male prosecutor reluctantly agrees to go harder after doctors running opioid mills.
But the more interesting storyline concerns a young defense attorney played by Wesam Keesh, who defends a skinhead with nazi-tattoos on a bald head, accused of a shooting.  He talks about the abstraction of free speech with body art and objectionable idea, and then says there is no actual evidence that the defendant used a weapon.
The defendant doesn’t like the attorney. The actor is the same person whom I believe plays the teenager in an accident forgiveness ad for auto insurance.

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