Monday, March 26, 2018

Local TV station presents report on bone marrow donation from viewpoint of donor; then ABC News reports on a liver transplant

Today, WJLA7 in Washington DC aired a report on the medical procedures behind bone marrow donation. The report was introduced by Robin Roberts from ABC News;  she had received one from a sister from an unusual pre-leukemia.  But this report concerned the bone marrow registry for those without possible relative matches

The link is hot there yet, but here is a similar video.  (Note: the original ABC News link is there now as of 3/28, here ).

Like many other organ donations while alive, this procedure was not possible when I was growing up.  So the idea that it could be expected or be virtuous was not familiar at the time.  By the late 1970s, the idea of “super donors” of plasma and platelets was becoming circulated. Of course, the HIV epidemic eliminated gay men from any such donation until recently.

Marrow donation is more demanding than ordinary blood donation;  it takes a number of hours, maybe two days, and can have some side effects and be intrusive on body sanctity. 

Later, on ABC World News Tonight, there was a story of a young man who took eight weeks out of his life to make a donation of part of his liver to a young child for a transplant.  This was very invasive.  I had not heard this was possible.  Here is a Mayo Clinic link

Today there are different expectations than in the past, and they have become more personal.

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