Saturday, March 10, 2018

NBC interviews Vladimir Putin on Dateline

In an NBC New Special, Megyn Kelly sits down with Russian president Vladimir Putin for an interview, with translation.  Here is the link.

Putin denies directing any hacks against American social media and any attempt to throw the election to Donald Trump. However Putin notes that private individuals and private companies could have decided to do so (which contradicts his own control of the media).

Putin faces re-election very soon.

The spirited Russian national anthem played at least once.  

And Putin, shirtless with a hairless body, on horseback, appears.  Frankly, he looks like he is starting transition.

And yet, the broadcast recalls the idea of a KGB agent tough guy.

Picture: The Philadelphia Orchestra recently performed the Shostakovich Symphony #7, the “Leningrad”, at Strathmore in Bethesda, MD.

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