Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Shaun blurts out a question about attractiveness for marriage in newest episode of "The Good Doctor"

The Good Doctor” resumed new episodes on Monday March 12 with “Pain”.
Shaun treats another man from his past, who has become paralyzed in an accident that broke a neck vertebra.  Recent pain may suggest a tumor. But ironically the nerves may reheal and the man may walk again.
Shaun asks, in front of other doctors, why a woman would want to marry a man already paralyzed, with the girl friend present.  OK I’ve had those thoughts but wouldn’t blurt it out now.
At then end of the episode Shaun is playing video games with a friend (perhaps gay) at the apartment.

There are two more new episodes this season, and the series resumes with a second season fall 2018.  When will Shaun's cat return?  

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