Sunday, March 04, 2018

SNL taps into the talent of Leslie Jones, without Milo's permission

Leslie Jones (or her doppleganger) appeared on SNL last night. (You may need to turn off https to make the embed work.) 

She made fun of the winter Olympics, and especially of the fact that the Koreans are physically short.  That reminded me of Will Ripley’s encounter on the beach on CNN.

I could imagine someone making a doppleganger of Milo Yiannopoulos for SNL, and pitting the double against Leslie with Ghostbusters in the background.

Of course, the North Korean nuclear crisis is nothing to make fun of.  But they could do a caricature of Kim Jong Un and his deliberate weight gain to look like a god king. Let Milo’s double do the fat-shaming.
Why is it that that SNL always presents Sean Spicer as trans? Trump would have banned Spicer from the military.  Spicer is in the Naval Reserve.

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