Sunday, March 11, 2018

"The Kennedy's" in CNN's "American Dynasties"

The Kennedy's” as part of the “American Dynasties” series on CNN premiered Sunday night.
Jack Kennedy’s heroism in the PT109 is questioned;  he was quite weak physically, and may  have mishandled the battle, and was thought left.

Joseph Kennedy was at one time though of as a “fascist” by FDR.

JFK’s younger sister Rosemary was permanently disabled by a barbaric lobotomy in the 1940s;  the operation was to continue until she stopped singing.  
Earlier Sunday night, the Van Jones show hosted "candidate" Oprah Winfrey. 

Update: March 28

Subsequent episodes have covered the 1960 television campaign and election, and then the year 1961, where Kennedy learned "OJT" and was seriously challenged by the Soviets on Berlin.  Kennedy found that the Soviets were not as determined to avoid nuclear war as he had been.  The famous snowy Inauguration ("ask not") is shown. 

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