Friday, April 27, 2018

ABC 20-20: Popular actress from "Smallville" indicted in apparent trafficking activity in New York State

ABC 20-20 tonight aired a report on the secret sorority NXIVM and the indictment of well-known actress Allison Mack, as well as the founder, for “sex trafficking and force labor conspiracy” in upstate New York (in a federal indictment).  The lead story on the 20-20 site right now is here.  20-20 had aired a report on the group in 2017.

Allison was of interest because she had played Chloe Sullivan, the teenage Clark Kent’s best friend in many early seasons of “Smallville”.  In the summers between the early seasons, she had often offered speculations online as to what mysteries of Clark would be revealed the next season (as when Christopher Reeve eventually appeared).  It seems interesting that Mack would follow up on acting in such an upbeat series with joining a “sorority”. 

ABC’s own legal columnist Abrams reported that the defendants might be able to argue that legally the sex and other activities were consensual (and by adults).

The case is also interesting in view of the fact that Congress recently passed a controversial law regarding liability for platforms online that knowingly allow sex trafficking on their facilities, although that law doesn’t seem to have figured in to this specific case.
Broadway World has a thorough account ("scoop")  of the episode here

Check back to the 20-20 site to view the full episode (cable provider paywall) which should appear shortly. 

Update: 4/28

The episode is called simply NXIVM and is available now

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