Thursday, April 26, 2018

James Comey does town hall at William and Mary, moderated by Anderson Cooper

Wednesday night, CNN aired a two hour Town Hall with former FBI director James Comey, from the College of William and Mary, of which Comey is a graduate.  Comey has authored the book “A Higher Loyalty” which I have just received from Amazon.
Anderson Cooper moderated.  The main link is here (many videos).  
Comey revisited his claim that Donald Trump is morally unfit for the presidency, and does not respect the norms and boundaries of exercising power for its own sake.
He also recounted the experience he had repelling a home invasion in northern New Jersey at age 15, an event which cemented his desire to go into law enforcement. 
Comey discussed an incident around 1980 at the College where he was involved in dorm bullying, and incident he says he regrets.  I have covered at great length my own expulsion from William and Mary in the fall of 1961 for “admitting latent homosexuality” to the Dean of Men, an incident that shaped my adult life.  I hope Comey finds my postings and is aware of the college’s history.  (All three of my books are at the law school library.) Comey mentioned specific buildings on campus, like Rogers Hall (which used to be for chemistry when I was there).
Comey reiterated his position on how he handled Hillary Clinton’s email problems, saying he had to thread a path between bad alternatives regarding the independence of the FBI.
Comey also reviewed his firing by Trump, and Trump’s disquieting private dinner in which Trump demanded “loyalty”.
There were a number of spirited questions from undergraduates in the audience.

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