Wednesday, April 25, 2018

"Trafficked in America" on PBS Frontline; labor trafficking is less discussed than sex trafficking (FOSTA)

Tuesday night, April 24, PBS Frontline presented the episode “Trafficked in America”, link here.
The documentary tracked the process of bringing teens from Guatemala into the US illegally so they can wind up working in agriculture; in this case, on an egg farm in Ohio.

Labor trafficking has not gotten as much public attention as sex trafficking, because the latter was the subject of a controversial law, FOSTA-SESTA, that recently passed Congress.  This law may undermine downstream liability (CDA Section 230) protections for Internet intermediaries in a way as to jeopardize a lot of unrelated user-generated Internet content.

Nevertheless, agricultural employers (often big companies) have trouble finding Americans who can do the hard manual labor, for low pay. Leila Miller explains “why labor trafficking is so hard to track.”

Picture: near Mt. Vernon, Ohio, January 2018 (personal trip, not part of film) 

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