Sunday, April 29, 2018

"Weed 4: Pot or Pills": Gupta argues that medical marijuana may help control the opioid epidemic

Tonight, CNN produced a special report with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, “Weed 4: Pot or Pills” (writeup).
Gupta started by interviewing a pro football player, Mike James, who gradually got addicted to opioid painkillers after knee surgery in 2010, for an injury incurred when he was playing right after his mother’s death. 
Gupta explains how opioids alter the receptors in the brain with prolonged (if legal use), but in many cases medical marijuana seems to replace the need for painkiller and offer a pathway to gradual withdrawal
James has applied to the NFL for a therapeutic exemption from the ban in marijuana use but so far been denied.
Gupta says that at one time he was opposed to medical marijuana, but has become convinced of its medical benefits.
He indicates that many drugs now controlled were legal until the 1930s.  Marijuana became illegal as a result of big business pressure to outlaw hemp which competed with their products for many uses.
A few scenes with Gupta deserve careful watching, for future clues. 

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