Thursday, May 10, 2018

"Days of our Lives": Something about the reincarnated Will (as Chandler Massey now plays him) is disconcerting. Notice it yet?

Haven’t talked about the soaps for a while.

But right now, it seems as though “Days of our Lives” is in the middle of a scandal where someone can raise the dead at will.  And, in the case of Will, they may have amnesia for a long time – which raises philosophical questions about identity, consciousness and afterlife.

Right now, Will seems to be paired with Paul, and at the end of the episode Thursday they were in bed looking at a real-world scrapbook for clues as to how this Lazarus effect works.

Now Paul, of Japanese descent, was a baseball player and MLB pitcher who ruined his shoulder. But it would be a welcome plot development if Paul got back into MLB, and was an openly gay pitcher who tosses a no-hitter.  MLB says it is vigorous about no discrimination for sexual orientation.  Let’s see it happen.  It’s still conceivable that a gender fluid or trans person (female-to-male) could play at a major league level especially, say, as a relief pitcher.  Some day that will probably happen.
Sonny seems to be Leo’s boss, but there seems to be a relationship starting.  Now Freddie Smith is a little inconsistent as to appearance.  Sometimes he seems to have gained weight, and often his chest and arm hair disappears, only to show up again (gradually) a month later.

In fact, Will looks like, to put it generously, he must have competed in a swim meet or professional bicycle race and not remember it.  All the hair on his arms and legs is gone.  Maybe they did it with photoshop.  I wonder what the point is.  Maybe it’s a side effect of being raised from the dead? Or is Will starting transitioning? 
It’s a disconcerting, little mentioned topic, but white people (males) usually have more body hair than any other peoples, whose body hair follicles are wired to be more resistant to androgen.  One reason for the difference could be that generally (not always) Caucasians evolved in colder climates, with less sun and more clothing, so women could have developed the idea that body hair is more masculine, so hairy men would have more children in cold climates.  So maybe now there is some ritualistic interest in equalizing everyone for some sort of sacrifice for the sake of political correctness.  But with Will, particularly, the visual effect is disconcerting. He looks plucked. This is actor Chandler Massey, after all.
But body shaving (or waxing or laser treatment maybe) does happen behind the scenes in Hollywood.  Justin Timberlake, Jake Gyllenhaal, even Ashton Kutcher, and most of all, Steve Carrell (“The 40 Year Old Virgin”).  But lately it seems to happen a lot in the soaps.  You wonder if this could give the medical sanitation police some ideas, given all the scares about hospital bacteria (which itself could generate a soap opera subplot).  Somebody will come up with an anti-Minxodil cream for white men, for sanitation purposes.
The writers have a lot of ideas to work with.

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