Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday morning: Getting up to another Royal wedding; Meghan's message with her volunteerism

Okay, we get up to the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Saturday morning, around 4 AM East Coast time.
Let’s review the royal wedding of 5 years ago of William and Kate (Aprl 2011), typical video
Kate, dressed with a gown that flows far behind her (Alfred Hitchcock had used that image of a glowing gown in “Strangers on a Train”) is led to the altar while Sir Hubert Parry’s triumphant hymn “O Jerusalem” in C Major, about 5 minutes, is sung to a triumphant close.
The Anglican pastor, before joining them, announces a purpose of marriage:  to repopulate the earth, to sanctify sexual intercourse, and to provide mutual assistance and support.  I was not destined to enjoy any of these.
So it is today, with a very similar schedule this morning in the Telegragh and carried live as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry marry. A very similar music program is offered, with music by Boyce and Parry.  The Telegragh has the full schedule for the festivities on Saturday morning.  
On Friday, May 18, ABDC 20-20 aired “Royal Wedding: Legacy and Love”, full video here
The complete music videos from Saturday morning’s service are not yet published, but the music does seem to be very similar to five years ago.  All the media outlets have major prospective commentary on YouTube now. 

What is most remarkable about Meghan is her attitude toward volunteerism, with her experience committed to working on Skid Row in Los Angeles as a teenager.  She saw her own safety as secondary to their needs, and let her faith carry her.  I have not willing to be that generous in more recent years with the personal risks I will take for others, allowing myself to wind up in their shoes by one act of wrongdoing by another.  Such is the problem with unearned inherited wealth.
But marriage, “till death do us part”, is supposed to make this possible.

Later: Video of the ceremony. "Stand By Me" was performed.

CNN has mentioned Meghan's work with World Vision, which has come under a cloud with some groups over supposed connections to anti-gay forces, especially in Uganda. World Vision has sponsored "30 hour fasts" in youth groups in many churches;  some churches have switched charities over the Uganda-homophobia issues and continued the fasts, during which the teens sometimes make films!
Picture (Wiki): 
By Herry Lawford from London, UK - Westminster Abbey, CC BY 2.0, Link  I walked past Buckingham Palace myself on a visit to London in Nov. 1982.  I might get there later this year. 

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