Wednesday, June 13, 2018

ABC Nightline: Stephanopoulos interviews Trump right after Singapore summit

The two previous episodes of ABC “Nightline” have dealt with Donald Trump’s meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong Un. The highlight of the episodes is the interview by George Stephanopoulos with Donald Trump, here .

Trump, needless to say, has drawn a lot of “constructive” criticism, such as this piece by Rick Wilson in the Daily Beast.

My take: we may have evaded a catastrophic war on the Korean peninsula and conceivably at least an EMP threat to the homeland USA.  At least for now.  But true, this is bad karma: Un is the world’s most brutal dictator, and it looks silly for Trump to have to indulge him, as to how much he “loves” his own people, whose understanding of life is a lot more collective than ours.

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