Saturday, June 23, 2018

"Family Secrets": NJ doctor in opioid scandal arrested for murder of wife (ABC 20-20)

The June 22 episode of ABC 2020, “Family Secrets”, gave the bizarre narrative of Dr. James Kauffman, who had recently committed suicide in prison after a much belated arrest in Atlantic City for the hired murder of his wife five years before.

All of this was related to an “opioid” business which has become a national scandal in the past few years. 

The wife April had been a popular Jersey Shore talk show host. 

It’s interesting that most of the murders on 20-20 and Dateline involve complicated domestic disputes.  Relatively few involve foreign interests (no one has covered the 2008 cases of Kanika Powell and Sean Green (see Jan. 24, 2015 on this blog), which seem to have gone cold; there’s a reddit on it now. )  It’s about time that Dateline, 2020, 48 Hours, or CNN Presents covers this case.

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