Sunday, June 10, 2018

"The Two Faces of Kim Jong Un", by Fareed Zakaria, airs on CNN in advance of the Singapore summit

The Two Faces of Kim Jong Un: A Fareed Zakaria Special” aired Sunday night on CNN at 8 PM EDT, best link now. 

I could have put this on mu “cf” blog, which isolates films on existential threats of American freedoms.

Were Kim Jong Un really able to fire nuclear weapons to the continental US (or Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, etc) that would be appropriate, and he may be very close to actually being able to reach eventhe US East Coast (and there may be an EMP threat).  We don’t know whether he really destroyed anything last week in front of journalists.

The film covered the history of the Kim family, and the earlier attempts to develop nuclear weapons, which was interrupted by a deal that Jimmy Carter brokered in 1994 under the Clinton administration.

The deal gradually leaked, partly under GOP hostility in the US, and by 2006 the Kim Song Il had tested a nuke with plutonium fuel.  Without help from the Soviets and Chinese at first, North Korea developed its prototype weapons over a period of years.

The show explains how the Kim family has imposed a pseudo-religious cult (almost based on Christianity) on a communist regime. Kim has tried to make Pyongyang a showpiece for the 11% of the population picked by the state to live there.  He needs more money to keep up his promises to his own elites, or he could get thrown out of power.  That is one reason for the summit.
Zakaria insists that Kim Jong Un is rational (however Janus-faced), as is his family, which has kept up this bizarre charade for 70 years, through the Korean War, with a narrow miss in the 1990s.
Picture: By Women's International Democratic Federation(Life time: N/A) - Original publication: "We Accuse", 1951, East BerlinImmediate source: Twitter, PD-US, Link

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