Sunday, July 08, 2018

CNN footage of ongoing rescue in Thailand of boys trapped by water in a mountain cave

I thought I would give a CNN video link from the rescue effort of the boys’ soccer team in a cave in Thailand.
British Navy seals are accompanying Thai seals, and the Pentagon is said to be giving some technical assistance.

As of now, four of the boys have been pulled out.  It is expected that the rescue will resume as soon as oxygen tanks are refilled.

The story may provide a lesson on boys’ learning water – swimming and diving skills – and on what society expects in the way of people stepping up when children are in trouble.

A recent tweet by former Navy Seal Kristin Beck (who transitioned to female after her career) seems meaningful here.

Update: July 11

The boys and coach are all rescued now and doing well.  But the pumps failed just after the last rescue.  This was a very close call (Guardian story). 
Picture from Wikipedia near the site in northern Thailand.
By Georgina Rose - University of Cambridge Department of Engineering, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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