Sunday, July 15, 2018

CNN's "The 2000's": a hasty summary of Bush-Gore, then 9/11 and Iraq

CNN has started its series “The 2000’s” which means 2000-2009.

After the mandatory intro based on television in the era (they neglected “Smallville” and “Everwood”, two of my favorite comfort foods during much of the decade), they hastily summarized the 2000 chad election (Bush v Gore), 9/11, and the war in Iraq.  It takes a lot more than an hour to do justice to these topics in a history show.

It did do justice to "Sex in the City" and the Fox series "24" (Kiefer Sutherland) which I watched on Tuesday nights. "Lost" get mentioned. 

At the end, the show intimates that winning the peace in Iraq would be difficult.  Indeed, ISIS proved that. 

The show did not go into a supplementary CNN article explaining that Al Qaeda cancelled a cyanide subway attack in New York, which might have happened the same time the war in Iraq started (in March 2003) in order to discredit the theory that Saddam Hussein really did have WMD’s. This plot is much less known than the anthrax attacks at the end of 2001 (which ABC Nightline had warned could happen in 1999 special).  

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