Monday, July 02, 2018

"Days of our Lives": Sonny is blackmailed into a gay marriage he doesn't want; could the soap break the ice on gay players in Major League Baseball with Paul?

Days of our Lives” now has the preposterous situation where Leo tries to blackmail Sonny into marrying him in order to make a fake “sexual harassment” lawsuit go away.  Sonny even “accepts”.
The writers have concocted a plot in the gay world where an entire company (Titan, named after Saturn’s most interesting moon) goes under in the same way that the Weinstein Company in the film world did because of a sexual harassment scandal.

Of course, Weinstein’s problems have reached multiple criminal charges.

But the idea of blackmailing someone into gay marriage does seem to make a mockery of it.  

Conservative reviewers (and maybe “The Washington Times”, which used to put the word “marriage” in quotes when referring to same-sex unions) will have fun with this one.

It’s no laughing matter now, since the Supreme Court is likely to move even more to the right.

Right now, “Days” has become the most gay-centered soap ever, outdoing the sitcom “Modern Family” even if with a grimmer plot.  And the actors Freddie Smith (Sonny) and the returned Chandler Massey (Will) have habits of suddenly molting their body hair, to later return.  (This might happen to Casey Moss, playing the reformed character JJ, who is straight).

The best plot direction for DOOL would be to have Paul (a Japanese American, played by Christopher Sean) recover from his shoulder injuries (like Stephen Strasburg right now) and return to Major League Baseball and pitch a complete game no-hitter as an openly gay pitcher.  (It can even be against the Nationals.)  Let him hit a home run in the game, too.  The film “Alone in the Game” will create more attention to gays in sports.   Right now, MLB, despite its non-discrimination policy and LGBTQ nights in every city, seems to have no openly gay players (note the video, however).  “Days” should try to change that, at least in fiction, so it happens in real life. 
I hope I've given the writers of the soap some real ideas.  No, I don't work for them. 


Leo is gone.  Looks like Sonny killed him accidentally in a fight. Now they have to dispose of the body. 

Update: Aug 6 (AM)

I have to wonder if Will is transitioning, based on appearances.  Is that going to be the next plot twist? Maybe the amnesia recovery has triggered a new identity. Is that why Chandler Massey, now 27, has rejoined the show?  He has indeed changed. 

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