Friday, August 31, 2018

CBS: "Whistleblower" examines a for-profit university scam, and then a green fuels trading ruse

CBS has a series “Whistleblower”, with television judge Alex Ferrer, documenting how ordinary American workers catch employers in major frauds against the public or, often, the IRS. Of they wind up being fired and suing, and even going to trial.  The presentation style reminds one of "48 Hours".  "Blow the whistle, change the world". 

On Aug. 31, the episode presented the case of Heidi Weber, who had worked for a for-profit university Globe University, administering a medical training program, in Minnesota.
The best summary of the case seems to he here.  Note the non-disclosure agreement for her “severance” when she was “laid off”.

Then the episode described an amateur (maybe almost professional) pianist Alex “Sasha” Chepurko, who emigrated from Russia to the US, and went to work (in New Jersey) for a Caravan Trading, with a complicated scam involving green fuels. He eventually wears a wire. Sasha eventually helps set up a federal raid.  Sasha was only 21 when he helped with the sting (in 2011). Indeed, the young people did win. 

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