Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"Economic Invincibility": another commentary channel sort of like Timcast: This video discusses Incels

Here’s another channel describing social patterns, “Economic Invincibility”.  It’s on Patreon, and is run by a young white man, slightly nerdy, with glasses, but clean cut,  who calls himself “Muh” or “EI”.  It’s a little bit like Timcasts.  The big microphone is interesting. 

I watched “The Incel Question”.  EI left his shirt open on a hairy chest, which seemed to be appropriate for the topic.

Then he went into a reasonable discussion of social skills, and some men not having any idea what women want.  He also talks about social pressure (in the straight world) where your relationship with women is supposed to define your life.  He says people should define who they are for themselves before they expect relationships. 

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