Tuesday, August 21, 2018

"Life After Death" on TheLipTV

TheLipTV offers an interview from the end of 2014, “Life After Death Proved by Scientists?”

The proof was the testimony from someone whose heart had been stopped without circulation for over eight minutes, as the person was able to describe everything in the operating room.

When people pass away from old age slowly as organs fail, there may be a long period of sub-consciousness, where the person reviews his/her life. This could continue for some time even after the heart stops.  We don’t know how time behaves at end of life, and it may seem to take indefinitely long to the person.  It may be relevant if loved ones stay with the person while unconscious or even after passing.  It would be interesting to wonder, also, about death by injection (capital punishment).
But it the brain is destroyed, like by immolation or direct shotgun blast, then there seems to be no opportunity for this kind of afterlife.

But we really don’t know if the soul (the container of information from a lifetime) is somehow retained in other dimensions or inside black holes.  Information is as essential to the universe as matter/energy.

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