Thursday, August 23, 2018

OK, Timcast is like a TV series; Tim Pool could make friends with David Hogg

OK, I’ll treat “Timcast”, the YouTube channel, as like a TV program, with Tim Pool.  Maybe I should have done that with Logan Paul.

Today he uses the subjunctive mood for the title of a broadcast, “David Hogg Is a Sexist and Ableist White Male”. No, he doesn't really mean it.  

Okay, Tim was kidding.  He was quoting a tweet complaining about Hogg’s ego.  Well, also about Hogg’s supposed comments about Nancy Pelosi’s age.  (Pelosi: Democrats are capitalists.)
Pool does give some arguments why people in rural areas want to own larger weapons, including AR-15s. He says someone who grew up in a city doesn’t understand what it is like to be as self-reliant as a rancher in Montana.

Pool then describes himself as center-left, whereas I had perceived him as conservative, center-right, because he is always dissecting the tribalism of the far Left.  And sometimes he makes Cato-like arguments on the economy and markets. Pool also noted that Trump favored gay marriage before his presidency, which Obama hadn’t done. But – Trump surrounded himself with purported right-wing (or even alt-right) extremists.

As for David Hogg’s abeleism:  yes, he is cute, he is attractive, he is natty, he is clean-cut.  He calls himself skinny but he is obviously  much more athletic and physically strong than he looks.  That reminds me, the NFL is supposedly contemplating some sort of ending gun violence program. (By the way, the NFL kneeling controversy is just plain silly.) Let MLB baseball do it too.  Have a special occasion night (maybe at Marlins Part in Miami) and let Hogg throw out the first ball from a pitcher’s mound, with a ray gun. When the Nationals lost that 12-1 game last Sunday on a 2-hitter, some people joked that the Marlins already had signed Hogg to their rotation and was pitching in disguise.

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