Monday, August 13, 2018

"Our Man in Tehran" starts on PBS Frontline

Monday night, Aug. 13, PBS Frontline aired the first part (two hours) of “Our Man in Tehran” (one link).

An New York Times reporter raised in the US goes to live and work in Tehran.  While he is there, Obama reaches the test an deal with Iran (which Trump has reneged on) and another Times journalist is released.

The reporter (Thomas Erdbrink) develops a relationship with a woman there.  She is very careful to wear the shawl inside even.

The woman reports that as a single woman she has been unable to rent an apartment because the landlady, who refuses to talk to her, claims she would run a brothel.

The journalist reports on how a fanatical minority lead the country, and point to the US as the enemy they need to have to justify their revolution. But of course, the Shah had oppressed the people. The hostage standoff in 1979 under Jimmy Carter is often mentioned, as is the Iran-Iraq war of the 80s. 

 (As an aside, Navy orion flier PO Keith Meinhold, who became famous for challenging the military ban on gays just before Clinton won, had spent much of his career hunting submarines in the Gulf of Hormuz.)

The city looks modern. 
Wikipedia attribution link for image by Siamax under CCSA 3.0 

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