Saturday, September 01, 2018

ABC 20-20 "Behind the Closed Door" about an Alabama campus rape already brings out the conservative conspiracy theories

On Aug. 31, ABC 20-20 aired “Behind the Closed Door” (link requires cable subscription), about a rape of a young woman (“Savannah”) at an Alabama campus (Spanish Fort, near Mobile) after underage drinking.

ABC has a text summary of the episode here.   One of the most curious parts of the story is that the perpetrator made a secret plea agreement as a juvenile. It’s unclear why the Alabama prosecutor demand secrecy.  Cameron Harrison is said to have received considerable community support for his side of the story. As in the horrific hazing death case in Pennsylvania, the 21-year-old drinking age seems to be ignored.

It’s quite striking to me, that the “young people will win” campaign against gun violence has worked because the teens running it seem so disciplined (as to staying away from drugs and alcohol).
There is at least one story ((“The Human Frequency”) on YouTube claiming she is transgender.   But this video links to another video whose account was terminated.  Is this a conservative conspiracy theory about “actors”?  The heterosexual couple here says it has nothing against transgender people when out in the open, but they feel put off by gender fluidity and by feminine-looking men and masculine women.  

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