Friday, September 28, 2018

AC360: how an impromptu confrontation between an individual voter and Jeff Flake changed everything today in the Kavanaugh confirmation mess

The confrontation between Ana Maria Achila and Jeff Flake at the Capitol shortly after 9 AM today, which I saw live on CNN, seems to have changed the course of the confirmation hearings on Brett Cavanaugh.

As most visitors know, Jeff Flake spearheaded an effort to delay the vote until the FBI did an investigation on Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. President Trump agreed to allow the investigation, and Mitch McConnell has no practical choice but to allow it if he wants the confirmation.

Anderson Cooper interviewed Ana tonight on AC360.
She reminds me of Ana Navarro.

Ford Fischer and News2Share also have a video of a protest that resulted in 70 arrests today, here

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