Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Armenia, on Bourdain's final Parts Unknown episodes

Sunday night, CNN aired “Armenia” on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown final episode series.

The former Soviet Republic is known for its own tragic history with the Genocide, and now some strains with Turkey. Most Armenians weren’t born there.

But the most interesting observation is that chess is taught in the schools as an essential “life skill”.  I guess you need to play rook and pawn endings well, or understand the nuances of openings like the Archangelsk Ruy Lopez (a couple thousand miles to the north).
By anonymous German traveler - Published by the American red cross, it was first published in the United States prior to January 1, 1923. [Aus: Politisches Archiv des deutschen Auswärtigen Amtes. Bestand: Konstantinopel 169.] , Public Domain, Link

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