Sunday, September 02, 2018

EI critiques John McCain, discussed the feminization of American men

I thought I would cover a couple more videos from EI, “Economic Invincibility”, that seem especially provocative.

The most recent one, today, is “Don’t Be Like John McCain”. 

EI wears red white and blue and speaks into his oversized mike. He interprets John McCain’s bipartisanship as obstructionism for his not getting what he wanted: someone like Trump won the presidency, when McCain could not.  OK, agreed, McCain made a foolish choice of Sarah Palin.

EI also accuses McCain of war mongering or military intervensionism, and seems comfortable that Trump is avoiding getting into wars.  Now, I know that Trump was close to a dangerous bloody nose attack on North Korea in February, and some private talk from some of his supporters convinced him to take a diplomatic course after all.  Of course, the situation now in North Korea is certainly tenuous, as Singapore is unraveling.  I am well aware of the criticism of Trump’s behavior, and of an emphatic concern about Trump’s authoritarian talk about other people and especially the press, and his denial of facts.  I’m aware of the baby balloons and the “Poopiepants” nickname on Facebook.  And what I care about it that Congress can get its act together and do its job (fix DACA, fix the family separation issue, fix the legal immigration issues, and fix Obamacare).  The Republican Party could fix these constructively if it did its math first.

EI ventures into talking about James Stockdale, who was Perot’s running mate in 1992 if I remember right.  Perot, who founded EDS and ran it almost as a military operation until the early 1980s (and rescued his own people from Iran), as certainly interesting.  Stockdale supposedly disfigured himself when a POW.

The other video I want to mention dates from December 2017, and it sounds like George Gilder’s “Sexual Suicide” (or even like my own “Do Ask Do Tell II” book from 2002, post 9/11). It’s “Why Modern Men Are so Effeminate”.

EI gives several reasons.  He starts out with diet (soy as well as meat), antibiotics in food, and water minerals, as reducing testosterone.  Maybe.  That’s the old saltpeter rumor from dorms in the 1960s. Then he correctly notes the lack of fathers in so many households.  Many men grow up not prepared to support a family and leave.  Yes, many boys don’t have male companionship growing up. But then he gets into cultural attacks on cis-male masculinity for its own sake.  Toward the end, he criticizes the Boy Scouts, in which he grew up, for having to admit women and trans (it doesn’t seem that cis gay men unnerve him). He also notes that modern culture wants to view all male bonding as with “David and Jonathan” in the Bible as homosexual, when it is platonic, and serves a spiritual but not specifically sexual aim.  He makes the interesting comment that the trend toward reducing the value of masculinity is dangerous if men do get caught in a geopolitical crisis and have to serve “like men” in the military.  That brings up the conscription issue, and whether women could be drafted, in my own mind, at least.  But don’t forget – Lady Valor (now a transgender woman) had been a Navy Seal. It would be interesting to hear him discuss  Trump on the transgender military ban now, and McCain's changing attitude at the end on repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell".   
Let’s also add, that in discos and bars, most gay men want to find other cis gay men as partners, not gender fluid or transgender people.  This hard fact is generating almost some civil war within he leadership of gay rights groups. 
One other thing -- "feminized men" (Patricia Sexton's concerns) seem more risk averse. What about the idea that American football has this terrible karma problem with concussions. 

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