Thursday, October 11, 2018

"Are Baby Boomers the Problem?" "EI" lays it on the line and talks about hypocrisy and sacrifice

Are Baby Boomers the Problem?

“EI” (Economic Invincibility) lays it on the line, and scolds some baby boomers for not being willing to make sacrifices when it comes to retirement and social security, given the demographic problem of their living much longer than did previous generations.

He mentions the Vietnam War and acknowledges that some made sacrifices and returned maimed and not appreciated, but then notes that many boomers didn’t serve in the military (like the student deferment system)  He vacillates or waffles somewhat between recommending just that boomers support Social Security reform for future retirees and insisting that they make some sacrifices now, living less independent with or near their kids.

I was born in 1943 (slightly pre-boomer technically).  I’ve gotten a decent pension since 2002 and Social Security since 2005.  I’ve been writing, a lot of it for free.  If I “had to”, I would have to raise money like other people.  This might be fairer to existing political advocacy because I would have to “play ball”.  EI, while conservative himself, is actually making a comment that could help progressivism on the Left.

I also insist that I view my FICA taxes over the years as an “annuity premium” even though legally it is not (Flemming v. Nestor, 1960).

EI says both of his parents are baby boomers.  For a young man who discusses heterosexuality so explicitly in other videos, his personal appearance is lean and immaculate and would appeal to most gay men. Of maybe he believes that even in the heterosexual world, the male should be conspicuous with beauty, as it is with many birds (like cardinals).

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