Sunday, October 14, 2018

Lesley Stahl interviews Donald Trump on CBS 60 Minutes

Lesley Stahl interviewed President Donald Trump on CBS “60 Minutes” tonight.
The full transcript is here
A critical part of the interview concerned Kim Jong Un.  Trump called his “love” for him a figure of speech (after the big "love letters"). He admits he had to manipulate Kim because of the threat of war, on South Korea and possibly even the US homeland sooner than we thought (I’ve talked about his EMP threat before).
Stahl challenged Trump on climate change, with a metaphor of icebergs breaking off of Greenland.
Trump still rationalizes his denial and is concerned about US job loss and personal sacrifice.

The media is offended by Trump's "rogue actors" theory on the assassination of the Saudi Post journalist. 
Remember how Lesley Stahl at one time interviewed Mark Zuckerberg “The Toddler CEO”, when Mark asked, “Is that a question?”

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