Thursday, October 04, 2018

"Modern Family", Season 10, Episode 2, brings back Reid Ewing as Dylan

Reid Ewing, who I believe turns 30 in November, appears in Season 10, Episode 2 of ABC's “Modern Family”, called “Kiss and Tell”.

I haven’t followed the series recently.  But he appears to revisit his old relation with Haley at about 19:00 into the episode, link

It’s interesting that his appearance has hardly changed in all these years.

Yet, he offers a shocking chapter in the new book “(Don’t) Call Me Crazy: 33 Voices Start the Conversation About Mental Health”, edited by Kelly Jensem, on p. 95, “I underwent cosmetic surgery for my body dysmorphia and I wish I hadn’t” back in 2008, when he was 19 and thought he had to in order to make it as an actor.  The piece is graphic and shocking, yet you can’t see any evidence of it on television episodes or his own Twitter pictures. I’ll di a review of the book later. 

 Note that around six years ago he did a video “Imagine Me Naked”, still on YouTube.

I hope this is a sign his acting career is resuming (he presented a rainbow over LA on Twitter recently, about the same time I was in San Francisco). But he has a manga animated film he is producing and editing (“The Winchester Half-Tragedy”).  I wish my own “Do Ask, Do Tell: Epiphany” (set in an O’Neill Cylinder but not animated) were as far along.
Much of the episode today presented Mitch and Cam.  I guess Jesse Tyler Ferguson is holding up pretty well at 42.  Can I say the same for Ryan Seacrest on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. He won’t wear socks.

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