Sunday, November 25, 2018

Fareed Zakaria: Global Lessons on Guns: US form of government with rural representation in the Senata makes gun control much harder

CNN: Fareed Zakaria Special: Global Lessons on Guns, Sunday November 25, 2018, started out with a reminded that our modern interpretation of the Second Amendment as an individual right, didn’t come about until fairly recently with the Heller decision for DC from SCOTUS. 

The government of the US, where the Senate gives more political power to people in rural places, provides a lot of explanation for the continuing resistance to gun control.

Zakaria examines the mass shooting in Tasmania in 1996 that led to strict gun control in Australia abd a buyback of most guns in the country, with about a tenth of the US population in the same area.

He then looks at Japan, which produces violent video games, but has some of the strictest gun control in the world.

He also looks at Switzerland, where men have guns at home after mandatory military service.

But no other place than the U.S. has so many guns for 300 million people.

The broadcast looked at mental illness, and generally it is not clearcut as a problem.  But domestic violence and radicalization are problems.

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