Saturday, November 24, 2018

Timcast reports stern new Twitter rules on misgendering, possibly leading to bans for normally accepted mildly conservative content

Timcast has an important video on the expansion of Twitter rules about “misgendering” of transgender persons.
Pool claims a person can use this policy to make a false legal claim about gender in some situations.
More disturbing would be the insistence on using grammatically incorrect pronouns (“they” as singular).
Twitter rules seem now to enhance the rules regarding protected classes.  Would an embedded image “Be a Man: Get married” on a recent PragerU video be considered misgendered (it would expand as Youtube and present this implied misgendering).
This is all getting rather silly, to say the least.  He does talk about Meghan Murhy's banning.

Update: Nov. 25

Twitter has banned Federalist contributor Jesse Kelly (story), as well as Meghan Murphy for "deanaming" and "misgendering" a trans person (story).   The Left seems dug in on its rules for trans people, which it can manipulate to trick other conservatives into tripping and getting banned!  This is getting just ridiculous. 

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