Friday, November 30, 2018

"Truth and Justice Podcast" channel and ABC 20-20 review a bizarre Houston murder where prosecutors say the home invasion was staged by the wife

ABC 20-20 tonight covered the conviction of Sandra Melgar for the 2012 stabbing of her husband in what was said to be her staged home invasion, which is a very bizarre sequence, as in this news story on ABC

Sandra suffered from various medical ailments, including lupus, which makes this case even more bizarre.  Sleuths have crowdfunded attempts to reinvestigate and possibly overturn the conviction. 

The ABC 2020 link gives a “2020 extra” story where Bob Ruff, a former fire chief, runs a podcast “Truth and Justice” where he has looked at the case.  Oddly, the 2020 video does not have its own linkable UTL.
Ruff’s Truth and Justice also includes materials from NBC Dateline (there are numerous videos in his YouTube channel).   

Maybe Ruff could look at the 2008 cases of Kanika Powell and Sean Green in Maryland, described here Jan 24, 2015 from NBC Dateline. 

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