Saturday, December 22, 2018

CNN: "The Curious Case of the Killer Clown": closing the remaining cases from John Wayne Gacy

Jean Cesarez narrated CNN’s special documentary “The Curious Case of the Killer Clown”, link

This was an infamous serial murder case in John Wayne Gacy lured at least 33 young men or teen boys to his home near Chicago, then rapes, tortured and murdered them and buried them among crawl spaces in his house between 1972 and 1978. He was convicted of the murders in 1980 (one count of sodomy), and executed by lethal injection in May 1994.

The documentary focused on solving eight more missing people, some from Minnesota. 

I remember the cases in the news in 1978, my last year of living in New York City. It isn’t curious, it is one of the most horrific of all time, although Andrew Cunanan’s in 1987 was more tantalizing to report on.

Gacy had been married to women twice.
The documentary had been delayed for two weeks after the death of George H. W. Bush. The clown idea is interesting as it appears in several of Stephen King's novels (like "IT" (1986), which became a TV Miniseries and then a film.) 

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