Monday, December 10, 2018

CNN Heroes 2018 emphasizes homebuilding skills, helping immigrants, trafficking victims; and finally introducing kids overseas to baseball

Anderson Cooper hosted “CNN Heroes” Sunday December 10, 2018. 
The winner was Ricardo Pun-Chong, a doctor in Peru who started shelters for homeless families. This idea comports with issues in providing shelter for migrants.
A similar project was Like Mickelson, who quit a high-paying jobs to make (with carpentry) beds for kids who sleep on floors, operated from Idaho, “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”.  I thought I had mentioned this on one of my blogs but can’t find it now.
Chris Stout builds tiny houses for homeless veterans.  I’m not fond myself of living in a tiny space. But there is a lot of emphasis on practical skills in this year’s winners.
I had covered Susan Munsey’s work helping the victims of sex trafficking here on Sept. 29.  Brisa D’Angulo was presented as having survived one of these situations.
Florence Phillip, 87, helps provide immigrants with instruction in English as a second language, in Nevada.  She had been in the Peace Corps.
Max Bobholz, 18 and a freshman in college, seems to have the same kind of “young people will win” zeal as David Hogg and Tyler Linfesty. (I hope they have met, at least online.)  A baseball player (I think a pitcher) he delivered baseball equipment to kids in Kenya.  Maybe he will be with the Nationals in a few years?  Chicago Clubs player David Bote had worked in Kenya on a similar charity;  Bote beat the Nationals with a walk-off grand-slam in August at Wrigley on an ESPN Sunday night game.  Michigan state representative, Jewell Jones, 23, having grown up in Detroit’s inner city and already been a policeman, might well have deserved to be on the list (met him at a libertarian forum on free speech).

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